The California Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) was revised on January 2013.  This regulation’s revisions focused on waste reduction, lessened the use of new plastics and increased the use of post-consumer recycled content in Rigid Packaging Plastic Containers (RPPC) holding products sold and distributed in California.

Compliance is required for any rigid packaging that is entirely made of rigid and inflexible plastic, is incapable of at least one closure, meets specific parameters of volume or its equivalent and is made to hold products sold in California.

Product manufacturers are primarily responsible, however container and packaging manufacturers also have certain obligations to aid in compliance.   The regulation allows for compliance through fulfilling one of four criterion, among which is the option for the rigid plastic package to comply provided it contains at least 25% post-recycled consumer content.

In line with the regulation’s recyclability goals, we offer PET films with 30% or more Post-Consumer recycled content, as well as higher impact PVC films suitable for compliance through the source reduction option.

To learn more about the RPPC, and films that can help you achieve compliance, please download our RPPC summary.


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