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Bisphenol A
An overview of BPA as a substance of environmental concern and related regulatory developments.
Read this if you supply or contribute to child products, products that may be mouthed, products for sensitive populations such as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, or if you’re interested in BPA restricted films.

CONEG and The Toxics in Packaging Legislation
An overview of the US Toxics in Packaging Regulation affecting Packaging and Packaging Components.
Read this if you manufacture packaging and packaging components, or if you’re interested in packaging substance restrictions.

CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act): HR4040
An overview of the CPSIA concerning plasticized materials used as components in Children’s Products.
Read this if you use plasticized films in children’s products or in components supplied to children’s products.

PROPOSITION 65 of California
An overview of PROP 65 and its requirements for products sold in California.
Read this if you sell, stock or move products in California, or are interested in the PROP 65 substance list with a focus on how it affects plastics.

REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
An overview of the European Chemicals Regulation with a focus on articles using polymer films.
Read this if you supply final products considered articles to the European Union, or if you’re interested in how REACH affects plastics we supply to that region.

RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances
An overview of RoHS and how its restrictions apply to plastic films used as part of electrical and electronic components.
Read this if you supply to electrical or electronic components to the EU, or if you’re interested in RoHS substance restrictions.

RPPC (Rigid Plastic Packaging Container Law)
An overview of the CalRecycle regulation affecting rigid plastic packaging containers in California.
Read this if you supply rigid packaging containers and are interested in your compliance options.

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