Proposition 65

PROPOSITION 65 of California

Proposition 65, otherwise known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 or Prop 65 was a voter initiative passed into law to address public concern over exposure to unsafe and toxic chemicals in the State of California.

It has two requirements.  It requires that a company or entity does not expose the public to listed substances either through their products, processes or environment.  Failing that, it requires the same parties to place clear and reasonable warnings to notify the public of those exposures.

Hence there are two levels of compliance, one on the Substance Level through the PROP 65 List and another on the Labeling or Notification Level. 

In effect, it places responsibility for substance exposures on businesses and entities that proliferate products, processes or create environments in California where those exposures can occur.   While it introduces a list of substances known as the PROP 65 List, it relies on industry to use knowledge of their product, process or environment to identify applicable substances on the list and control exposures from those substances accordingly.

PROP 65 was authored with the goal of eventually forcing businesses or entities to improve, redesign or amend products and environments for the betterment of public health and safety.

Though this regulation was formerly dismissed as one whose enforcement was inconsistent and sensitive to trends of concern, recent years have demonstrated intensified and increased enforcement activity.  With more businesses receiving violation notices, and dealing with settlements, compliance has become a priority.

As a California business PVC Tech complies with the requirements of Prop 65 in the workplace and in our products.  We develop films with substance restrictions relevant to the most recent PROP 65 list, and post clear and reasonable warnings as required for products that present exposures.

To learn more about PROP 65 and your options under this regulation, download our PROP 65 summary.

Our PROP 65 Warning is available here.  Due to the variety of films we carry and custom produce, please inquire specifically about the PROP 65 status of the film you eventually purchase.

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