Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A

Regulations concerning BPA continue to evolve as governments at every level attempt to address public concern and take varying scientific assessments into account. This has resulted in numerous products being liberally branded as “BPA Free” – a tag that can ultimately be misleading or even false when products are found with traces of BPA.

The US Federal Trade Commission’s release of its FTC Green Guides for environmental marketing has simplified guidelines on what can or cannot be claimed in branding.  Its various enforcement actions has made it clear that false claims or green-washing is not tolerated as more and more companies take advantage of consumer interest in safer and healthier products.

At PVC Tech, we want to perpetuate accuracy and not confusion.

We realize our customers rely on substance disclosures as a basis for future marketing.  Thus, we’ve taken a more precise approach by indicating that BPA in specifically engineered films we produce are “low, limited or restricted”.

If you manufacture or supply components for children’s products where BPA may be a concern, such as products that may be mouthed, have prolonged skin contact with users, or are products intended for sensitive populations such as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, you may wish to consider the option of restricting BPA in the films you use.

To learn more about BPA and film solutions we offer, download our BPA summary.

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