How Yield Affects The Bottom Lineyield2

And a funny thing called YIELD

Exactly how much product are you really getting for what you’re paying?

Most people look at strictly price per unit but it’s an oft overlooked fact that film handling and quality packaging greatly affect yield.

YIELD is simply the “usable yardage” you obtain from the material at hand, after the roll has been cut or processed into sheets.  In a simple equation, we can express it as:

How Many More Sheets Can You Get from One Roll?

Roll_1equal 2_1plastic sheets

So that means, if the film you buy ends up having roll marks, pressure marks or wavy edges because of poor packaging and handling, then YOU DON’T get all that you paid for.  You get some then you get waste.

At PVC Tech, we KNOW Yield affects Your Bottom Line.  And we maximize your yield with the following:

  • Specially designed core and packaging suspension systems that minimize or eliminate roll and pressure marks.
  • STRAIGHT CUTTING our material for less waste and a better roll start.
  • Storage of material in optimal temperatures and clean conditions.
  • Pre-shipment Quality Inspections.


With today’s ever tightening margins, no one can afford poor yield.

At PVC Tech, we’ve paid attention to yield since Day One with intelligent handling and special packaging.

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