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Films That Shape and Protect Your Folding Box Packaging

We provide a diverse selection of long-lasting and sturdy films that are ideal for packaging, especially for foldable box applications. Our folding box films are an excellent choice for your next packaging project and are compatible with our selection of thin-gauge window films. Check out the following advantages and get in touch with us to discover our exceptional products and services.

Folding Box Films

Our box-grade films are top-rated for their high-impact capabilities, printability, and exceptional moisture and barrier properties. They are available in custom thicknesses, colors, and sizes and are an eco-friendly choice with 100% recyclability to create eco-conscious and sustainable packaging.

  • APET
  • HDPE
  • Polypropylene
  • Rigid PVC

Enhance, Protect, and Showcase Products with Premium Window Film

Our latest range of window film packaging solutions comes with even thinner gauge options from as thin as .00035”, providing you with endless possibilities to make your products stand out! 

Our premium window films provide exceptional optical properties that deliver clear and crystalline high clarity, offer high strength and durable sealability to ensure the protection of your product, and are an essential and reliable protective choice in food packaging to prevent contamination, especially in direct food packaging.

  • PET
  • LDPE and LLDPE
  • HDPE and MDPE
  • BOPP
  • CPP

Ideal for showcasing products through die-cut window packaging to create eye-catching packaging designs.

For an overview of our packaging and window films, contact your PVC Tech representative today.

Samples are available upon request. 


PVC Tech Polycarbonate excels with a strong performance in applications that require print, thermal, optical, mechanical and/or electrical capabilities. It is a premium choice and is well suited to cover a wide range of applications in various industries such as Automotive, Commercial, Restaurant, Medical and Retail.

Established as a certified Lexan equivalent and made with top grade USA resins, this film offers exceptional characteristics allowing superb quality, durability and dependability.

Available in a wide thickness range from as thin as .002 up to .040”

We have In Stock and Ready to Ship sizes available in .010 and .020

Choose from Clear, Colors, Black, Opaque or Translucent White with various opacities to meet your application requirements in an abundant selection of surface finish options.

For an overview of our Polycarbonate film, contact your PVC Tech representative today.

Samples are available upon request. 

Outdoor Signage Films

Durable and reliable outdoor signage has become a common sight and resource over the past year allowing businesses to provide wayfinding solutions, increase brand awareness and provide important information to the public.  In the past year alone restaurants have relied heavily on outdoor signage such as “Open for Outdoor Dining” to “Curbside Pickup” to giant “Please practice Social Distance” signage to stay profitable during such unprecedented times.

PVC TECH offers new polyolefin films exclusively engineered to give you the best printing and quality on all signage applications. Our films provide exceptionally High-Chemical and UV Resistance, exceptional Tear-Strength and Durability that can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions- Making this a Perfect choice for popular modern-age outdoor signage!

Choose from our films, each with its own distinct advantages to perfect your signage foundation!

  • DuraPrint Coated Super Opaque Polypropylene
    • #1 Choice for Large Format
    • Rated Best for Outdoor Applications
    • Guaranteed Crack Resistant

Learn more via our Duraprint Line Card Page 

  • DuraSyn Synthetic Paper Polypropylene
    • Excellent for HP Indigo, Offset/Conventional and Digital Printing
    • High-Caliber Tear Resistance
    • Water Resistant

Learn more via our DuraSyn Line Card Page

  • HDPE High Density Polyethylene
    • Superior UV Resistance – No Yellowing or Fading Overtime
    • Easy to clean and disinfect
    • Durable build has the integrity to outlast many other types of plastic

Learn more via our Print 2 Line Card Page

Binding & Report Covers

Clean, Clear & Professional

Our Binding & Report Covers are made with high-clarity & durable high-impact clear PVC designed to keep materials protected and presentable at all times.

Keep the vibrancy of ink jet printed text and graphics through handling and use with our clear cover sheets, ideal for proposals, catalogs, reports and binder dividers.

In stock and available for shipment in various thicknesses and sizes, with or without tissue in round or square corners.

Custom thicknesses and sizes, corner styles and tissue available upon request.

For more information and to request samples, call one of our friendly representatives today. 1-888-782-8323

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Print 1 & Print 2

Our newly released Print 1 & 2 Books and fans feature an array of our printable rigid and flexible films in a variety of substrates.

Print 1 highlights a range of clear and colored printable PET [Polyethylene terephthalate] and PVC [Polyvinyl Chloride] films ideal for your print project.

Print 2 features a selection of HDPE [High Density Polyurethane] and PP [Polypropylene] films in clear tints and opaque as well as in various finishes. 

For an overview of printable films we offer, view our print material sales sheet: Click Here

Lines cards: Print 1 & Print 2

Milan 1 & Milan 2 Line Cards

Introducing Milan 2, the newest addition to our Milan Collection of PU [Polyurethane films].  Milan 2 features a variety of contemporary polyurethane films in 9 plush textures with 56 beautiful colors to fit your  turn-edge project .

Our Milan 1 features 4 elegant designs with 54 classic colors to choose from.

The Milan 1 & 2 Collections are perfect for menu covers, turn-edged use and high-end hospitality applications. Both collections are  Phthalate-Free, lead-free, BPA-free and comply with CA PROP 65.

For more information view our Milan 1 & 2 sales sheet: 
     Milan 1 Sell Sheet
     Milan 2 Sell Sheet

Line Cards: Milan 1 & Milan 2 

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