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Once in a while, our product gets used for stunning and amazingly practical design applications.  When people think of PVC or polymer films, inevitably the first thought that comes to mind is either pipe or plastic binders. 

In this section, we’re featuring how designers, artists and finished products manufacturers have taken our materials and used it with awesome effects.

Polypropylene:  Walls that Wow by Jonathan Fong

Author and designer Jonathan Fong of Jonathan Fong Style used our ribbed polypropylene sheets to create a featured wall treatment in his book, “Walls that Wow” as seen in Chapter 24’s Razzle Dazzle:  Tap the Lights and Turn on the Color.

This is what Jonathan had to say about PVC Tech and our materials: 

“Their polypropylene sheets made my creative juices flow, and they were the inspiration for one of my most dazzling wall treatments.  The secret is out:  it’s a fantastic product for decorating and crafting.”

To see more of Jonathan’s fabulous decorating ideas, visit his website by clicking HERE

Rigid Vinyl Wall Treatment - Large Format Print

Transform a room from blah to voila with this modern wall treatment featuring our high quality clear rigid vinyl sheet in a large format print.

The contemporary coffee-colored helix print pops against a plain white wall adding depth and interest to the room without the need for repainting.  With a maximum of 51″ width and available at any length, the design possibilities are plenty.

Our large format sizes are available in the following materials: PET, PP, PVC.

Large Format Print Sheets

PVC Products Used in Design:

Allomer / Alloy Films, PVC – Taffeta, PVC – Waterbed, Furniture Film, Pond-liner, Prism (Reflective) and Permalight (Photoluminescent)


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